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A little late on updating this site, but I released chapter 2 a while back. This chapter introduced Kojiro, our first rival. In general, I'm trying to put more thought into the way characters speak- with Microid S my main philosophy was simply making it understandable, as I was desperate to read it and assumed no one else would really be interested. Kojiro's from Kansai, and considering his personality I thought a New Yorker accent would be fitting. In this chapter I didn't do too much with it, I definitely don't wanna make the accent so overbearing that every sentence he says is unreadable. But I think I struck a decent balance in chapter 3.

On the note of trying harder with translation, I'm trying to replace sound effects and such too. I've finally discovered the clone stamp tool in photoshop and am making good use of it. Here's to higher quality translation!

The first chapter of Grander Musashi has been posted on Mangadex! I've been thinking of revamping this site a little- now that Mangadex no longer has comments, I think I'll start putting translation commentary here.

There's nothing too exciting in this chapter, but I thought this was worth sharing. In the original, Musashi introduces himself to Mio with "ore", which he usually uses around his dad, but then corrects himself and uses "boku". I tried to convey this by having him switch to something just slightly more casual.