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Welcome to Cicada's hub for all things Osamu Tezuka. This is where I post my scanlations and maybe some thoughts about Tezuka's work. Current project: Futureman Kaos and Grander Musashi

(07/07/2023) I'm aware I haven't uploaded in a while, just posting here for proof of life and such. Just moved into a new apartment and have a bunch of junk to do :P I am chipping away at pages, albeit incredibly slowly.

(09/03/2022) I've just gotten all ten kindle edition mangas of Grander Musashi- currently cleaning the pages and preparing for translation! Still hard at work on Futureman Kaos, I'm a little over halfway done on the second chapter. Took a good break there but I'm back at it.

(12/20/2021) I've added a page for updates on the translation of Futureman Kaos.

(05/29/21) I've gotten ahold of the live action series of Vampires, I plan to upload it to mega (and as soon as I figure out how I'll try to do a torrent). Ripping the disc as I type this. No subs sadly but it's not online anywhere so it's better than nothing. On another note, I'm currently translating Futureman Kaos. I'm home from college so I'll have a lot more freetime to plow through it. Mangadex is still down though, so you won't see it for a while.

First volume of Futureman Kaos has been cleaned!

Microid S cover

First post, and full translation of Microid S