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Welcome to Cicada's hub for all things Osamu Tezuka. This is where I post my scanlations and maybe some thoughts about Tezuka's work. Current project: Futureman Kaos and Grander Musashi

(12/11/2023) Alright, another update, some real life shit happened and it'll probably be another month before things pick up around here again. Sorry for all the hiatus, but hopefully we find the right dose of adderall and get back on track, lol.

(07/07/2023) I'm aware I haven't uploaded in a while, just posting here for proof of life and such. Just moved into a new apartment and have a bunch of junk to do :P I am chipping away at pages, albeit incredibly slowly.

(09/03/2022) I've just gotten all ten kindle edition mangas of Grander Musashi- currently cleaning the pages and preparing for translation! Still hard at work on Futureman Kaos, I'm a little over halfway done on the second chapter. Took a good break there but I'm back at it.

(12/20/2021) I've added a page for updates on the translation of Futureman Kaos.

(05/29/21) I've gotten ahold of the live action series of Vampires, I plan to upload it to mega (and as soon as I figure out how I'll try to do a torrent). Ripping the disc as I type this. No subs sadly but it's not online anywhere so it's better than nothing. On another note, I'm currently translating Futureman Kaos. I'm home from college so I'll have a lot more freetime to plow through it. Mangadex is still down though, so you won't see it for a while.

First volume of Futureman Kaos has been cleaned!

Microid S cover

First post, and full translation of Microid S